Volunteer Job Descriptions

Setup Crew
Hours: Friday 12noon-5pm (staff meeting Friday around 430pm) and Saturday 8-12noon. BOTH REQUIRED.

This crew will be putting up signage, placing all brewery supplies at appropriate tents, installing tables and chairs for Hospitality area, staffing the Hospitality area (on Saturday morning only), preparing the Front gate tables, etc. Heavy Lifting may be involved.

Front Gate Crew
Hours: Saturday 11:30-5pm

This crew will be standing all day and meeting all patrons who enter the festival. You will be placing ID bracelets, offering tasting glasses, and passing out brochures. Some traffic control might be needed also.

Hospitality Crew
Hours: Saturday 10:00am - 4:30pm

Crew will serve food and beverages to Oktoberfest staff, volunteers, and breweries. There will be light clean-up needed after food service is complete. NEW THIS YEAR – Hospitality will be in a tent on the festival grounds and will not be air conditioned.

Brewers / Sponsors Entrance Crew (FULL)
Hours: Saturday 9-5pm

Crew will check-in all brewers, charities and sponsors at a check-in gate. Crew will also provide direction to brewer and sponsor assigned location on the festival site.  Shift work may be initiated after 2 pm to assist late arrivals.

Refrigerator / Keg Truck Crew
Hours: Saturday 9:30-6pm

Crew will collect kegs/bottles from distributors and breweries. You may be inside a cold storage truck for some duration. HEAVY LIFTING IS required.

Special Ops Crew
Hours: Saturday 12-6:30pm

Some members of this crew will deliver beer on hand trucks, monitor the site for general needs, and/or remove trash throughout the day. Some members will patrol the site for full trash bins, full recycle bins, full dump buckets, and other general maintenance needs. SOME HEAVY LIFTING is possible.

Beer Pourers Crew
Hours: Saturday 12:30-6:15

Crew will staff tables and support brewers. Not all crew members will be pouring beer throughout their shifts; some volunteers may act as brewery support and stay behind tables in support of brewer needs. NEW THIS YEAR - Since this crew will be serving beer, consumption of alcohol before or during your volunteer assignment is unlawful and will not be permitted.

Saturday Clean-Up Crew
Hours: Saturday 5:30-8:00pm

Saturday Clean-Up Crew will pick up and sort/store CBM owned signs and equipment, rinse pails, buckets, and tubs, and clear tables of plastic disposable table coverings. Volunteers may judiciously enjoy the festival, but must be able to perform duties upon festival end.

Merchandise Crew *Charlotte Beer Babes Only*
Hours: Saturday 1:30:-6:30pm

Crew will be in charge of selling Charlotte Oktoberfest merchandise deemed by the Marketing Director as for-sale. This will include, but not be limited to, Lanyards. These volunteers will be in charge of a cash box, and handling cash and possibly Square (credit card) sales.

This position is only open to members of the Charlotte Beer Babes.

Instagram Frame Crew *Charlotte Beer Babes Only*
Hours: Saturday 12:30:-5:30pm

Crew will be responsible for engaging patrons and encouraging them to take pictures with the life-sized Instagram Frame. These volunteers will be tasked with requesting that patrons upload the pictures taken to Instagram and other social media sites. This crew may be called upon to assist in performance of the Merchandise Crew responsibilities.

This position is only available to members of the Charlotte Beer Babes.

Where ever you need me
Hours: TBD

Duties as assigned.

Volunteer Entrance Crew (Full)
Hours: Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm

Crew will check-in all volunteers and hand out volunteer information.  Depending on demand, some team members may be shifted to support Brewer / Sponsor Entrance Crew. Shift work may be initiated after 2 pm to assist late arrivals at Brewer / Sponsor entrance.