Oktoberfest Volunteers

We have all of the volunteers we need now. Thank you.

Volunteering for the 15th annual Charlotte Oktoberfest can be more rewarding than you might imagine!

The Carolina Brewmasters want to thank each and every past volunteer who has dedicated their time and effort to help us put on the best beer festival in Charlotte. Your hard work is what makes the festival run smoothly and safely. Without the overwhelming support of our local community and fellow beer lovers to volunteer, the Carolina BrewMasters would not be able to donate nearly as much to our charities each year. You, the volunteer, make our charitable donations possible.

What you should expect as a Charlotte Oktoberfest Volunteer:

  • A full day of work with numerous breaks to enjoy the festival
  • Access to the Volunteer Lounge for free food and refreshments
  • A collectible Charlotte Oktoberfest sampling glass
  • A commemorative Charlotte Oktoberfest Volunteer T-Shirt
  • A day of fun with your fellow beer lovers and other volunteer staff
  • Knowledge that what you are doing will benefit worthwhile charities
  • Free parking at the event

All volunteers MUST attend the Mandatory Training Meeting on Wednesday night September 25 from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM at the NC Music Factory. If you are unable to attend the meeting you will NOT be allowed to volunteer. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All volunteers must be 21 years of age or older.

Volunteer Job Descriptions 

Setup Crew
Hours Required: Friday 12noon-5pm (staff meeting Friday around 430pm) and Saturday 8-12noon. BOTH REQUIRED.

This crew will be constructing tents, placing all brewery supplies at appropriate tents, staffing the Hospitality area (on Saturday morning only), preparing the Front gate tables, etc. Heavy Lifting may be involved.

Front Gate Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 11-5pm

This crew will be standing all day and meeting all patrons who enter the festival. You will be placing ID bracelets, offering tasting glasses, and passing out brochures. Some traffic control might be needed also.

Hospitality Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 12noon - 7pm

This crew will provide food to staff, from inside Hospitality building. Some crew members might be delivering catered meals to breweries during event.

Brewers / Vendors Entrance Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 9-2pm

This crew will be checking-in all brewers and vendors at a drive-in tent, so drivers don’t have to leave their cars to register.

*Volunteer Entrance Crew* (CBM Members Only)
Hours Required: Saturday 8:00am - about 3pm

This crew will be inside the Studio building registering all volunteers and handing out volunteer information.

Refrigerator / Keg Truck Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 9:30-6pm

This crew will be staffing at the refrigerator trucks and will be collecting kegs/ bottles from distributors and breweries. You may be inside a cold storage truck for some duration. HEAVY LIFTING IS required.

Special Ops Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 12-7:30pm

This year, golf cart and Special ops have combined. Some members of this crew will be driving golf carts and delivering product or removing trash throughout the day. Some members will be patrolling the area for full trash bins, full recycle bins, emptying dump buckets, and other general maintenance. SOME HEAVY LIFTING is possible.

Beer Pourers Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 11:30-7pm

This crew will be staffing tables and supporting brewers. Not all crew members will be pouring beer all day, some volunteers might be acting as brewery support and staying behind tables in anticipation of brewer needs.

Band Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 12-6pm

This crew is responsible for security for bands, hospitality and protecting the stage during the performance.

Tear Down Crew
Hours Required: Saturday 6-8:30pm and some Sunday

This crew will be working to secure CBM items and place back in storage after the festival. We need to collect all personal items as well as collect all beer/ kegs and store overnight.

Beer Guides
Hours Required: Saturday 12-7pm

This crew will be working in pairs, one person proceeding ahead of group to next brewery, the other volunteer leading the group of 10-12 patrons . You will be either holding a brewery sign on a pole or pouring samples from beer pitchers.

Where ever you need me
Hours Required: TBD

Duties as assigned.