2018 Oktoberfest Charities

Bravo Alpha Foundation

Bravo Alpha Foundation Logo

Bravo Alpha Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit community outreach organization.

Mission: To promote education, volunteerism and economic impact while advocating outreach in the communities that support us.

Vision: Fund and award 10 scholarships to aspiring degree seeking students attending a community college or their state university, provide 200 volunteer opportunities for citizens to support their communities altruistically and generate $300,000 of economic impact every year.

Dark Lite Initiative

Dark Lite Initiative Logo

Dark Lite Initiative (DLI) is a division of the Bravo Alpha Foundation , a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit community outreach organization.

Mission: To identify causes, effects and prevention methodologies that will halt the nationwide epidemic in the United States that is veteran suicides.

Vision: Reduce the rate of veteran suicides by engaging medical and mental health experts to research and develop more effective treatment programs while maintaining awareness of this issue with all levels of domestic government and the general public at large.

North Carolina Homebrewers Alliance

North Carolina Homebrewers Alliance Logo

North Carolina Homebrewers Alliance (NCHA) is a division of the Bravo Alpha Foundation, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit community outreach organization and is governed by a committee of homebrewers.

Mission: Establish, promote and protect homebrewers rights in North Carolina while educating lawmakers and the general public on the benefits that a thriving statewide homebrewing community can provide.

Vision: Unify all North Carolina homebrewers regardless if they are affiliated with a homebrew club or not. Provide a unified "voice" when engaging state legislatures and North Carolinans. Pass legislation dubbed Operation Liberate Homebrew that is currently in the State Senate as S.B. 604.